Crab Clan

Clan Colours Blue Grey/Black/Red

The Crab Clan have at once benefitted the most and suffered the most of the Great Clans since Kisada I took the Throne. Hida Kisada was the Crab Champion when he struck down Hantei XXXIX and became Emperor. However, Fu Leng has never forgotten the resistance of the Crab in the long years of war and has punished the clan ever since.

Current Champion

Kisada Yakamo Imperial/ Hida O-Ushi Shogunate

The current daimyo of the Clan is the son of Kisada I and the former Crab Thunder Yakamo. He is a feared enforcer and follows the Emperor’s orders without compunction. Many whisper that Yakamo is not the same man who entered the Throne room on the Second Day of Thunder. Hida O-Ushi meanwhile leads the small, but growing number of Crab in exile. To her it is a duty that weighs heavily as she would rather commit seppuku to regain her honour. However, she realises that to truly cleanse the Crab, the Kisada must die.

Families of the Crab
Kisada – the family of the Emperor, currently only Kisada Yakamo and the strange young man Daigotsu bear this name.
Hida – throughout history the Hida have stood as the barrier between the Empire and the Shadowlands. Now though, they are villified and distrusted. Hida O-Ushi knows that to reclaim their honour, the Hida will probably die. Many would gladly do so. In Imperial lands, the Hida now supplement the legions of Shadowlands creatures that serve Fu Leng. Many are now Lost to the Taint.
Hiruma – scouts and trackers without peer, the Hiruma are used to being dispossesed. Of all the families of Rokugan they have adapted the best as Shiro Hiruma the ancestral home has been lost to the Shadowlands for centuries. The Hiruma have the highest numbers in Yoritomo‘s forces.
Yasuki – merchants and traders the Yasuki have been virtually eleminated in purges by Yakamo. The remaining family members have fled to the Mantis Isles and some rumours say the Ivory Kingdoms. The family is almost defunct.
Kuni – The Crab’s sinister shugenja family, the Kuni are mostly to blame for the current state of the Empire. Kuni Yori, the family daimyo, was corrupted by the power of Fu Leng and was instrumental in forming Kisada’s alliance with the Horde. Yori also began the process of opening the Black Scrolls, weakening the seals on Fu Leng’s prison. At the moment, the Kuni are split, with the last of the infamous Witch-Hunters persecuted by the Emperor’s forces. Many of the family have fallen to the Taint and are now maho-tsukai
Kaiu – The builders of the Kaiu Wall, the Kaiu have been the Empire’s most skilled engineers for centuries. They have suffered greatly, with Yakamo insisting that they tear down the Wall they built to defend the Empire. The Kaiu are now charged with fortifying the Imperial Palace, a duty they undertake grudgingly. In Shogunate lands, the Kaiu under Kaiu Munifusha are tasked with rebuilding the Mantis fleets.

Crab Clan

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