Crane Clan

Clan Colours Sky Blue/Silver

The Crane have been the guardians of Rokugan’s culture since the founding of the Empire. Lady Doji, sister of Hantei was the fairest of the Kami. Though Akodo laid down the tennants of bushido Doji and her husband Kakita laid out much of what it means to be the perfect samurai. Kakita was the finest duellist ever to have lived and founded the famous Kakita Duelling School. To a Crane, the pursuit of perfection is a goal worthy of itself.

Current Clan Champion

Doji Kurohito Imperial/Daidoji Uji Shogunate

Doji Kurohito is young for a Clan daimyo and with reason. His father displeased Kisada I and was beheaded for treason. Kurohito has been thrust into the position of Champion without proper training or experience. The other clans aim to use this to their advantage in the Imperial Court, breaking the Crane’s traditional hold on the Throne. For Daidoji Uji the Clan is all. During the Clan War he lead the Crane armies in battle, winning great honour for his family and clan. He was there at Otosan Uchi when the Thunders went to face Fu Leng. He was there when Yoritomo brought the wounded Toturi out of the city, the hopes of all shatttered with the deaths of most of the Thunders. Doji Hoturi, his lord was dead and Kisada I sat the Throne. When the other heroes fled to the Isles of Spice and Silk, Uji followed with a heavy heart. The Empire he loved was no more. He took the position of Champion reluctantly, with the other Crane in exile forcing it upon him. Uji is plauged by visions of another world, one in which the Thunders defeated Fu Leng and his lord Hoturi survived.

Families of the Crane
Doji – the primary family of the Clan, the Doji have been lords of the Crane since the founding of the Empire. Traditionally, the Hantei Emperor’s married a Doji bride, meaning that the Crane controlled the Court. This meant the Crane and Lion were traditional enemies. The Doji family have suffered under Kisada’s rule, as the new Emperor has striven to eliminate all threats to his rule. The current family daimyo is only seventeen and is seen by many as a weak-willed boy who is presiding over the death of the family and clan. Kurohito is, however, stronger then most give him credit for and has begun to take steps to ensure the Crane survive and thrive.
Kakita – when most of the Empire thinks of a Crane, it’s a Kakita that comes to mind. Kakita are the perfect samurai, warriors without peer and artists of exceeding talent. For a Kakita, the perfect strike of a katana is the same as the perfect haiku. The Kakita are in as bad a way as the Doji, many of their samurai died during the closing stages of the Clan War, and many more have died in duels between loyalists and Shogunate samurai. Kakita Toshimoko, the former Emerald Champion is currently trying to reunify the family.
Daidoji – the Daidoji are the true might of the Crane, forming most of their armies. The family specialise in being yojimbo, or bodyguards. As a result, the family are known as the ‘Iron Cranes’. Most of the family has followed Daidoji Uji, and joined him under the Shogun. This is why most of the court views the Crane as a spent force, deprived of their armies. To Yoritomo, the Daidoji are a vital asset, and form a bulk of the assault forces raiding the mainland.
Asahina – the Crane’s shugenja are like all of the Clan, perfectionists. Students of the family school are encouraged to perfect their art in whatever way they can. At the moment, the family is entirely on the Imperial side of the Clan, none of them have followed Daidoji Uji, as they are pacifists and have enstead opted to defend their ancestral homes.

Crane Clan

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