Dragon Clan

Clan colours Gold/Dark Green

The Dragon Clan are a mystery to most of the Empire. In legend the Dragon are portrayed as being wise and having knowledge beyond mortal ken. In truth, this is mainly an affectaion, as the Dragon use riddles and sayings to obfuscate and confuse.

Current Clan Champion Mirumoto Hitomi Imperial, Togashi Satsu Shogunate

The current state of the Dragon mirrors most of the rest of Rokugan, with the Clan spilt between the mainland and the Isles of Silk and Spice. Unlike the other clans however, the Dragon are not allied to the Imperial cause. Rather, Mirumoto Hitomi has used the power granted her by the Lying Darkness to hide the Clan from the gaze of the world. The Dragon sit in their mountains and hide away from the horrors that plauge the rest of the Empire. The exception is what remains of the Togashi order of ise zumi tattooed men and small numbers of other Dragon who followed Togashi Satsu, son of Togashi, into exile when Hitomi banished the Togashi from the Clan.
Currently there is a hidden war for the soul of the Clan raging as Satsu tries to wrest control back from Hitomi. The Dark Lady of the Dragon meanwhile, is slowly descending into madness. In a world already given to evil many wonder what will become of the Clan.

Families of the Dragon
Togashi – the primary family of the Clan since it’s founding isn’t really a family at all but more of a monastic order. The current daimyo is Togashi Satsu who is struggling to hold the family together and fulfill his potential. The Togahsi are primarily ise zumi
Mirumoto – practitioners of the twin blade style of their founder, the Mirumoto are the bushi of the Clan and form the bulk of it’s armies. Currently, the family is split with a small force under Mirumoto Daini pledged to the Shogunate. Hitomi, family and clan daimyo has ordered that Daini’s head be brought to her.
Agasha – the Dragon’s shugenja are in a difficult position, torn between the two factions. The longer Hitomi’s reign goes on though, the more it is questioned. Many Agasha have left to join Satsu and Agasha Tamori, the daimyo is considering breaking away from the Clan all together.
Hitomi – although not recognised as an offical family by Imperial Decree, many samurai have sworn to Hitomi’s name. Many of them are former Togashi tattooed men who did so to escape Hitomi’s purge of the family.

Dragon Clan

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