Lion Clan

Clan Colours Earth tones/Yellow/Browns

The Lion Clan have been the paragons of honour and bushido since the founding of the Empire. Akodo, the greatest general to have lived and steadfast champion of Hantei his brother was the one who laid out the principles of bushido and the way of the samurai. Ever since the Lion Clan have been regarded as the most traditional of the Clans.

Current Champion
Matsu Nimuro Imperial/Matsu Akiage Shogunate

The Lion, like all other Great Clans are split into two camps, those who remained loyal to the Empire and those who have followed the Shogun Yoritomo. Surprisingly, as the Clan who places the highest emphasis on honour the Lion have mainly remained loyal to the Throne. Most of the Clan has stayed true to their oaths as it matters not who sits the Throne, what matters is that a samurai does his duty. Those who have followed the young Matsu Akiage into exile are looked upon even by their allies as a liability. These Lion are mainly Deathseekers, fanatical warriors who will do anything to cleanse the stain on the Clan’s honour that is Kisada I.

Families of the Lion

Matsu – the current leading family of the Clan, the Matsu are a matriarchal family, a rariety in Rokugan. The battle maidens of the family are famous throughout the Empire and many a play features a young Matsu samurai-ko as the hero. Currently though, Matsu Nimuro is Clan Champion, the first man to be family daimyo in generations. Nimuro is an honourable man, and it eats at him that he must hold to his oaths and duty even though he knows that Kisada I is not the Emperor that Rokugan needs. Matsu Akiage on the other hand, is a young samurai-ko who the Lion in exile have chosen to lead them. Many believe that she is just a figurehead, an effort by the traditionalists to lend credence to their cause. The truth, however, is that Akiage is a capable warrior and politician.
Kitsu – The Kitsu are the Lion’s shugenja, and also the acknowledged experts on the ancestors in Rokugan. The Kitsu have a special bond with their ancestors, and practice a form of magic based on their knowledge of them. The Kitsu are the least split of the Clan, which surprises most in the Empire. The Kitsu claim this is because the ancestors have been silent on the rule of Kisada I.
Ikoma – The Ikoma are the historians of the Clan, holding an important position in a Clan so steeped in tradition and ancestor worship. The family are currently the most fractured of the Clan, with many having fled to the Mantis Isles with what scrolls and histories they can. The small number who have stayed behind are trying to rebuild the Ikoma Libraries.
Akodo – The family of the Clan founder, the Akodo are a special case. In the aftermath of the Scorpion Coup Hantei XXXIX removed the Akodo name and banished the family. Most swore loyalty to the Matsu, some committed seppukku and the rest were cast out as ronin. The most famous of these is Toturi, the Last Thunder, the man who many believe should be Emperor. The only man to still bear the name is Akodo Kage, revered sensei of the Lion who was allowed keep his name and honour by the late Hantei Emperor. Kage is currently missing, and many presume him to be dead. The last of the Akodo to fall.

Lion Clan

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