Phoenix Clan

Clan Colours Red/Yellow/Orange

The word ‘shugenja’ has many meanings in Rokugan, priest, holy man, prophet, sorcerer. The most powerful shugenja in the Empire without a doubt belong to the Phoenix. The scribe who wrote down the conversations between Shinsei and the first Hantei was the Kami Shiba, founder of the Clan. To this day, no one has a better understanding of the old religion and the ‘new way’ of the Empire then the Phoenix. The Phoenix are also unique in that Shiba realised that mortals, and not the Kami were the true rulers of Ningen-do. Shiba bowed down before Isawa, one of the most powerful shugenja ever to have lived and swore to defend his line. As a result, the Clan has a unique leadership structure, with the Clan Champion fulfilling the role of a figurehead, whilst the Council of Elemental Masters are the true power within the Clan.
Currently, the Clan is as divided as the rest of the Empire. The rising Taint is destroying the ability of shugenja to commune with the elements. The Elemental Masters cannot find a cure for it, and with each passing year it becomes harder to perform elemental magic. Maho use is on the rise, and the Oracles are silent. Many of the Phoenix have departed to the Shogunate lands, hoping to find somewhere free of the Taint. Many have remained to guard the Clan’s secrets. If some of them where to fall into the hands of Fu Leng it would spell disaster for the last remnants of the Empire.

Current Champion
Shiba Asukune Imperial, Shiba Wakizu Shogunate

Shiba Asukune is the current possessor of the Soul of Shiba, the guiding soul of the founding Kami of the Clan. As such, he views it as his duty to remain in the clan’s lands and defend it’s people. Doing his duty this way has been hard. Each year is darker and with less hope then the one previous. Asukune has taken to the Phoenix’s vaults, hoping to find some weapon to use against Fu Leng, all the while trying to maintain the appearance of loyalty.
Shiba Wakizu is Asukune’s younger sister, and has been tasked by her brother to lead the Clan in exile whilst he defend the Clan’s homeland. The burden of her task weighs heavily, but she has approached it with the dedication and devotion that characterises her family.

Families of the Phoenix
Shiba – The bulk of the Clan’s armies are made up of the Shiba. Though not the largest warrior family of the Empire, the Shiba are masters of guerilla tactics and using terrain to their advantage. As a result, a force of Shiba bushi can hold off a larger force with little difficulty. The family is spilt roughly into two, the larger force remaining with Asukune in the Empire whilst a smaller force has followed Wakizu and are acting as yojimbo to the clan shugenja in exile.
Isawa – traditionalists to a fault, the Isawa are the true power of the Clan. The most powerful shugenja of the Empire, the Isawa form most of the Elemental Council of Masters. They have become more insular over the last decade, examining ways to eradicate the Taint and trying to find ways to commune with the elemental spirits. Some of the family has moved to the Mantis Isles to see if the Taint has spread.
Asako – The Asako are reclusive within a Clan of isolationists. The family are experts on the Tao and have withdrawn from the Empire at large and are trying to find a way to defeat Fu Leng through the teachings of Shinsei. The exception is the Asako Inquisitors, maho hunters who have been quite active in the last ten years. They are currently engaged in halting the spread of maho use and Taint in the peasant population.

Phoenix Clan

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