Scorpion Clan

Clan Colours Blood Red/Black

The Scorpion Clan, Underhand of the Emperor have suffered more then any other Great Clan. Ever since the coup by Bayushi Shoju the clan have been outcast and villified. Hantei XXXIX outlawed the Clan and stripped them of all holdings and lands. Now, many Scorpion have turned ronin and live as bandits in the wilds of Rokugan. More have joined the Shogun’s forces and hope to reclaim their honour. Most troubling though is the news that Bayushi Shoju has returned and leads the Scorpion under the banner of Kisada I as an undead revenant.

Clan Champion
Bayushi Shoju Imperial/no Shogunate daimyo

The Scorpion are a strange case, still recognised as a Great Clan historically, they don’t exist in Shogunate lands as the edict of dissolution was never lifted (the last recognised Emperor being Hantei XXXIX). As a result most Scorpion are ronin and are careful of drawing attention to their past Clan loyalty. In Imperial lands however, Kisada I has reinstated the Scorpion and the undead Bayushi Shoju again bears the Ancestral Sword of the Clan.

Families of the Scorpion
Bayushi – the leaders of the Clan, the Bayushi view all life as warfare. As a result they are equally at home on the battlefield as in the Courts. The current daimyo is Bayushi Shoju, returned from the dead by Fu Leng the once noble lord is now little more then a puppet, using the family’s spies to inform on the other clans.
Shosuro – master actors, the Shosuro are the eyes and ears of the Clan. They act as spies and information gatherers. The Shosuro are rightly feared, as their skills at mimickry mean they can be anyone, anywhere. Rumour has it that the family even has spies in Yoritomo’s court.
Shosi – the sinister shugenja of the Scorpion have studied a peculiar type of magic for centuries. Whilst the other shugenja families study the Five Elements, the Scorpion practice Shadow Magic.

Scorpion Clan

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