Unicorn Clan

Clan Colours Purple/White/Gold

The Clan of Shinjo is a one of the strangest in all of Rokugan. When they were founded they were known as the Ki-Rin. After the battles against Fu Leng, Shinjo approached her brother Hantei and said that the Empire must be prepared against any future threats. Instead of sitting and waiting for those threats to come to them, the Empire should seek them out and learn all they could. Shinjo volunteered her Clan to perform this duty. With much fanfare, the Ki-Rin left the western borders of the Empire and were not seen again for eight hundred years. When they did reappear, it was as an army of invaders. Now called the Unicorn, they drove into the heart of their ancestral lands and demanded recognition. The Emperor could not deny them. Ever since, the Unicorn have been a by-word for gaijin ways and strange behaviour. Some Unicorn bear a scimitar rather then a daisho and treat it with as much respect, to the consternation of more traditional samurai. The Unicorn remained aloof of the Clan War, as they were seen as outsiders and beneath notice. The Clan threw it’s lot in with Toturi, the first of the Great Clans to do so. Since Kisada’s coronation, the Unicorn have withdrawn to their lands, fortifying what they can and attempting to hold back the Taint. Many in the Clan have advocated the Clan return to the lands beyond the Empire.

Current Champion

Shinjo Shoriu Imperial, Iuchi Kanbe Shogunate

Shinjo Shoriu has long dreamed of being Champion of the Unicorn. With the deaths of so many of the Clan’s great warriors, including the Thunder Otaku Kamoko, the role suddenly fell to him. Shoriu has quickly discovered that he is out of his depth, as dreams so often don’t match up to reality. Many in the Clan are clamouring for the Unicorn to abandon the Empire and return to the lands beyond. Shoriu has so far resisted these calls, as his close friend and advisor Moto Gaeris has warned against it. Iuchi Kanbe on the other hand, is of a more militant view. Kanbe believes that all of the Clans should march on Otosan Uchi and remove Kisada by force. he also believes that the Second Day of Thunder should have been a victory for the Thunders, not a defeat, and that the Celestial Order will not suffer such an imbalance to continue.

Families of the Unicorn Clan

Shinjo – the family are mostly behind Shoriu for the moment. Rather then abandon their homes, they are willing to fight to protect them. As a result, the Shinjo have increased patrols along their borders.
Iuchi – the Unicorn’s shugenja family are amongst the strongest advocates of returning to the lands beyond. Some Iuchi are convinced that there is something, a weapon of some sort out in the Wastes that can defeat Fu Leng. The problem is no one is sure what that weapon could be. Others believe that the answers lie in the magic of the peoples beyond, which don’t rely on the elements. Iuchi Kanbe, the family daimyo, is of another mind. He is currently trying to gather all of the Iuchi to him so that he can enact a ritual to contact the Oracles.
Moto – the barbarian family of the Clan, the Moto are the descendants of tribesmen who swore fealty to Shinjo upon the Burning Sands. The Moto, curiously, are the most reluctant of all of the Unicorn to leave Rokugan. Instead, the family has pledged to the Shogun in droves, lending the most powerful cavalry in the Empire to the cause of Yoritomo.
Utaku – the Unicorn Battle Maidens, the Utaku are another matriachal family, formerly known as the Otaku. The Utaku are reeling still from the events at the close of the Clan War. Their beloved daimyo Otaku Kamoko was slain by Kisada in the Throne room of the Palace. The Otaku changed their name to Utaku so that Kamoko would be the last Battle Maiden to bear the name. Many in the Utaku wish to leave the Empire, to return to the Burning Sands and forget what has happened. Others view this as cowardice and have committed seppuku.

Unicorn Clan

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