Hiruma (Kiyomitsu) Benjiro

Hiruma scout out to avenge the murder of his brother


Skills: Athletics (1) hunting (1) katana (2) kyujutsu (2) Lore: shadowland (1) stealth (2) lore: gaijin pepper (2) Defense (1)

Advantages: crab hands. strenght of the earth. way of the land (crab lands). silent. forbidden knowledge (gaijin pepper).

Disadvantages: antisocial. driven: kill tainted ancestor


earth (3) stam:4 will:3
water (2) str:2 precep:2
fire (2) agil:3 int:2
air (2) reflex:2 awar:2
Void (2)

Light armour, sturdy clothing, daisho, bow, travel pack, black body paint, gaijin pepper, finger of jade, 2 koku.

Humming bulb (2)
Rope cutter (1)
Flesh cutter (5)
Armor piercer (2)
Willow leaf (10)


Born with a twin, sons of a vassel Crab family. Their father is a daimyo. The brothers were targets in an assination but Benjiro survived. He blames himself for his brother’s death and hunts down the people responsible, althought its against his fathers wishes. His journey has taken him to the Mantis Isles along with most of his clan with the other rebels.

Hiruma (Kiyomitsu) Benjiro

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